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Industry Update

Amazing FinanceDeal!

Because the Eziloader Trailer is so well built, we have managed to obtain

the very best finance rates (chattel mortgage) * to approved applicants (TAP).


It is so easy to calculate the monthly repayments, as follows:


Multiply the price (in thousands) of the Eziloader including GST x $32.11 by 36 (months)

or $24.83 (48 months) or $20.47 (60 months), to arrive at a monthly repayment figure.


Here’s an example. Let’s say your Eziloader is priced at $26,000 + GST (Total $28,600)

Calculate: 28.6 x 20.47 = $585.00 per month over 5 years.


Approvals typically take 24 hrs. Usual credit criteria applies to all applications.


Just call Ron Mileham on 03 9720 0425 for a chat about owning an Eziloader Trailer for much less per month than you can earn from it. This is good business. Let your asset make money and pay for itself at the same time.


*  No calls on your cash reserves.

*  Speedy loan approval time.

*  No deposit or end of term balloon payments.

*  End of finance period and you own the Eziloader outright.

*  Depreciable. Buyer claims costs and depreciation. Schedule supplied.


Remember! These are the best market rates available. All transactions are dealt with

independently by Specialist Finance Broker Tony O’Connor. Call me to discuss your needs,

then Tony will contact you regarding simple, effective Eziloader finance for your business.

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